Our Services

Residential Electrical

We are experts in residential electric installation, repair, and maintenance. We offer a wide selection of services for the homeowner and tenant, including ceiling fan installation, indoor and outdoor lighting, programmable thermostats, wiring and outlets, and security system installation. Our electricians are fully skilled and trained, licensed and insured, and available to help you 24/7.

We conduct energy audits to help you understand where you could make your systems more efficient and we will work with you to find ways to upgrade your lighting, HVAC and water heating systems that fit your budget.

We work with electric vehicle owners to select and install electric vehicle charging stations that fit appropriately with their car, garage and power options. We also custom design and build off-grid and emergency backup power solutions to meet all your system needs.

Commercial Electrical

We are skilled and professional commercial electricians who can help businesses, building owners, and general contractors with electrical diagnosis, repair, installations, and upgrades. We deliver high quality electrical service on time so your business can reach its profit potential. We are trusted providers of services for Los Angeles businesses, including commercial electrical maintenance, commercial energy audits, commercial lighting upgrades, commercial service modifications to reduce electrical loads, and design and engineering. We work with you to reduce electrical loads in general lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling, and water heating systems.

We help business owners with energy consulting, including third party verification taps. As new technologies emerge, we help clients understand them and navigate the systems of rebates and policies. Along with all of the services listed above we can also help with general engineering questions as they relate to energy. Even if a specific job is not required, if you have questions, we will look into the answers as they relate to our deep expertise and knowledge. This is what becoming a Pacific Electric Coop business partner is all about — symbiosis, information sharing and a long-standing relationship.

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofitting is the process of replacing your current lighting components with advanced and efficient technologies. Lighting retrofits provide significant cost and energy savings, improve the quality of light and reduce heating costs. At Pacific Electric Coop we can help you cash in on various California incentive programs that will reduce the cost of a retrofit, materials AND labor up to 75%.

Battery Backup for Emergency Use

We custom design and build off-grid and emergency backup power solutions to meet all your system needs. Your home or office can use power generated from solar panels or pull electricity from the grid. But, in the event of a blackout, you will need a backup system. Pacific Electric Coop’s battery systems protect you from outages and grid shutdowns. The system will automatically switch to the “off-grid mode” if there is a grid system failure and draws power stored in your battery bank. If you are using solar energy then the battery is continuously charged from your panels.

Commercial and Residential Solar

Pacific Electric Coop can provide your home or business with the photovoltaic solutions that will allow you to “go green” while saving money in the process. As highly skilled and well-regarded electricians (with C10 licensure) with advanced training in solar, we offer custom designed systems for homeowners, businesses, and connected networks of rooftops (a great investment for businesses in close proximity to one another or an entire block of houses).

We have experience running residential projects, coordinating large megawatt projects, with an emphasis on the medium-sized business rooftop installation, typical in the metropolitan Los Angeles area. Pacific Electric Coop works with only the best solar technologies.

Our Photovoltaic system options are the most advanced, cost effective, and efficient solar solutions. We will work with you to create a system that fits your needs. Standard photovoltaic systems can detract from the aesthetic quality of designed spaces. Pacific Electric Coop works closely with architects, artists and designers to develop custom photovoltaic installations that are integrated with the overall design intent of the project.

Micro Wind

Electricity can be generated with small-scale wind turbines and Pacific Electric Coop can help you choose and install the best models and systems for your needs!

UL Field Certified Taps for Large Solar Tie-ins

For our engineering and procurement firms, we have the specialized experience to handle custom afterhours shut-offs, tie-ins, and interfacing with third party certifiers.